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MDL inception (video)

MDL inception (video)

It is said that some events have less probability to happen and some more. It looks like the event that took place on the 8th of October had pretty good chances to occur. All the puzzle pieces were collected in one place. It was a tiny step forward towards a great venture that is going to affect our society, and even more, the lives of its direct stakeholders. Those stakeholders were three…

Three friends from the former Russian capital of Saint-Petersburg living in Shanghai and working in different industries – IT, international trade, and TVC production. The only thing that they had in common besides their nationality was their sparkling spirit of ambition. And that was enough to begin…

But cut that pathetic shit!

It was pretty straightforward – the idea to join the blockchain tsunami that will inevitably flood every economyic sector in the near future was carefully considered, and we determined ourselves to be the first in the market for the foreign model/artists/performer sourcing segment of the event and production industries. We determined that the combination of IT and blockchain expertise, market understanding and experience, legal and tax know-how gives us a sound competitive advantage, and that this is an excellent opportunity to disrupt the market.

A few words about us:

Roman Tronenko. Experienced Fullstack Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the internet industry. IPFS pioneer. Polyglot in all senses: Skilled in Golang, Python, C++, Java, Kotlin, Ruby, and eager to learn more. Strong engineering professional with two Master’s degrees focused in Computer Science. The founder and initiator of the Project. If you had anything to do with China, the Mandarin language or languages in general, there’s a very big chance you’ve used one of the apps Roman built or was involved in.

Dmitry Timokhin. Since graduating from St. Petersburg State University, Russia, Dmitry has been living in Shanghai, China, for more than a decade. His areas of expertise include but are not limited to apparel manufacturing, media publishing, food and non-food import/export and distribution, biomedical technologies and regenerative medicine. Dmitry’s experience running a group of companies in China, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Russia has left him well equipped to handle any tax and legal issues in Asia, and also means he is a pro in developing business scaling strategies.

Dimitry Doronin. Since completing his Education in Europe, Dmitry has been actively developing his professional career in China for about 5 years. Currently pursuing his PhD in team management and team creativity, Dmitry has also been actively involved in TVC production as a production coordinator and casting manager. As a part-time model himself, Dmitry has a first hand understanding of the overall talent industry in China and worldwide. Founder and COO of the F-You Art Community and several other smaller media projects.

For each one of us this project is an important step forward within our careers and we all feel enthusiastic and prepared for the long voyage, and for all the storms and the calms that are going to happen on the way.

And thus, we have started! Started to discuss, plan, learn, execute and have fun together.

MDL was the name.

And it has begun.