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Where will the money come from?

Where will the money come from?

MDL coin

In order to keep our financial flows positive we are considering the following methods of revenue creation. Innovative streams are enabled by the use of blockchain technology.

Traditional Streams

1.Extended functionality

Paid features will provide extended functionality for users of our platform. Extended functionality will allow bookers to be more knowledgeable and talents to be more presentable and thus it will give them both advantages on the market.

2.Commission from transactions

This is a basic feature of any marketplace and it will be a key part of our revenue generation. Our aim is not to charge unreasonable commissions, rather our aim is to keep them as low as possible, about 1-2% or even less.

3.Targeted advertising

Our platform will consolidate several artistic niches, so it will be perfect place for target advertisement. Although it is important to keep in mind that targeted advertisement is supposed to be as soft as possible. So that only meaningful and engaging materials will be allowed.

Innovative Streams

  1. Reputation-based partnership programs with brands

Talents are special. They are more than average because of their skills, appearance, and personality. They attract a lot of attention. So why not give them a discount on some products or services in exchange for creating promotional content? The higher the talent’s reputation, the higher the discount! The credibility of the talent’s reputation is powered by blockchain technology, and transactions are supported with MDL Token. This is advertisment sharing.

MDL Partnership

  1. Prosumer marketplace ecosystem

Often talents use extremely customised equipment or costumes which is not possible to find in ordinary shops, so they create it themselves! Crafted costumes, equipment and supplies will all be tradable/rentable commodities on our MDL platform, and it will be simple and easy to get involved in this prosumer market by using the MDL token.

MDL Ecosystem

  1. Live broadcasting

The lives of talents are extraordinary - every new event is like an adventure. So why not share it with others and get paid a bit? Payments will be supported by MDL Token. With deducted commission of course. MDL Broadcasting