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User Instruments - Part 1

User Instruments - Part 1

Profile We believe that a talented person can be talented in many ways, so each profile will have several portfolios – actor, dancer, origami master, or whatever. Each of the portfolios will have sufficient presentation materials like compcard, intro videos, etc. Thus a booker can easily choose as specific portfolio from a talent as required for the certain event.

Search Search will be available both for bookers and talents so that it will possible for freelancers to look for jobs, and for bookers to find freelancers. We aim to make the platform intuitive and simple so we will listen carefully to the suggestions of our community and at the same time utilize accepted industry standards.

Calendar For freelancers as well as for bookers it is essential to have the perfect time management tool, and MDL has a nice idea of how to make it! All the calendars will be linked into one database, so that bookers will be aware of talents’ schedules; and talents will be aware of upcoming events. The calendar will be also linked to blockchain so that all the events will be traceable.

Compcard creator Presentation is everything in this business, since the final client usually has time only for a quick glance. We will make it easier for talents to make and update a nice professional compcard via our compcard creator, which will be available to everyone for free.

Application downloader It takes effort for bookers to gather presentation materials and send them along to the final client. And for the final client it takes effort to choose a talent when they are presented with vastly different formats of presentation provided by each talent. Often the materials are even discovered to be fake! No more with MDL! First of all, we will make it easier to submit materials for client’s review by automatically combining them into a pdf file with all the relevant information, and our reputation score will leave no place for cheating.

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