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Pre-ITO Is Ongoing

Pre-ITO Is Ongoing

In order to prepare for ITO, we require capital in the amount of $500.000. This amount will allow us to launch our ITO campaign in March, 2018, where we are expecting to rais $20m for the development of the platform, cross-border scaling and business development, as well as for R&D and further implementation of blockchain & PIDS technologies.

In January 2018 we are planning to conclude the Pre-ITO for the MDL Token. The MDL Token was issued on the 8th of October 2017 on the Waves platform in the amount of 100,000,000.

Token asset information can be found under -

In order to join the Pre-ITO sale, participants should install the Waves wallet. Please proceed to to learn more.

During the Pre-ITO in January 2018 we will distribute 50% of the total amount, which is 50,000,000 tokens, at an average price of $0.01. 20% of the amount will be spent on bounties and 30% will remain with the team.

Every individual from the whitelist will be able to purchase MDL tokens up to $20,000 in ETH, BTC, BCH, SKY, and Waves. Payments should be received up-front.

The Pre-ITO will last for three weeks and will be done manually. The soft cap of the pre-crowdsale is $300,000 and hard cap is $500,000.

For the ITO we will issue new MDL Tokens on Skyledger in the amount of 1,000,000,000. The Pre-ITO MDL Token will be exchanged for the new ITO Token in the proportion (1:1).

During the ITO in early March we are planning to distribute 40% of the total amount (400.000.000 MDL Tokens) in order to raise $20m, thus average price of the token will be about $0,05, which is 5x the price of the Pre-ITO sale.

The soft cap for the ITO will be $10m and the hard cap is $20m. Individual purchase cap is TBD. The remaining 60% of the pool will be left for mining, ecosystem economy, and bounty programs. The shares of the pool are TBD.