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MDL - Mine Distributed Ledger

MDL - Mine Distributed Ledger

MDL Talent Hub will utilize PIDS technologies (IPFS, CXO, etc), which will allow information to be stored in a distributed manner on users’ devices and miners, improving access, speed, and security of information.

In order to compensate our users and miners we will establish a bounty program by which anyone can get a certain number of MDL Tokens for storing info about talents, events, and so forth. MDL Tokens can then be spent on MDL Talent Hub for other valuables or exchanged to other crypto or fiat currency.

At the moment, there are two promising technologies which we might utilize in the future: InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) and Skyledger (CXO). IPFS is already operating and all media materials from our blog are stored there, although mining has not yet been enabled. However we expect that sooner or later it will be possible to earn bounties by mining data through IPFS.

Skyledger, in turn, is a newly developing phenomenon, but is strongly backed by the IT community. Participants in the Skywire community will be able to set up their hardware or Skywire miners to power the MDL network, providing access for photos, videos, and all necessary metadata.

Skyledger is the “new internet” and we’re all excited to be building together and thrilled to be the first working app in this environment.