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Anonymity and publicity in MDL Talent Hube

Anonymity and publicity in MDL Talent Hube

One of our missions is to bring transparency to the talent sourcing market, however we also need to cope with the commonly accepted processes and settings in this area. Use of blockchain and Persistent Immutable Data Storage (PIDS) - IPFS, CXO - technologies that are known for their ability to make data open, traceable, and immutable raises a good question – what kind of information will be open to the public?

Our experience operating in the talent segment of the entertainment industry for several years gives us an excellent viewpoint to understand what performers might want to keep private and what to make public. Obviously, the means of security, such as private keys and linked verification methods are not the matters of discussion.

Salary. Money is always a complicated issue – sometimes talents want to hide it, and sometimes show it off.


  1. Talents might worry that too low payment may decrease their perceived market price.
  2. Talents might worry that their high payment may make others jealous.


  1. Talents might want to declare to everyone that they are working for this price and not lower.

Promo materials. Promotional materials are the main tools for talents to get jobs and be spotted. But sometimes they don’t want to make materials public. There are several reasons for that:

  1. Other talents or bookers can misuse materials.
  2. Talents might be shy about showing their materials to the wide public.
  3. Talents worry that other talents can copy their excellent promo materials, thus diminishing their competitive advantage.

Event materials. When talents post their work pictures or videos they let everyone know that they are busy and in demand, they remind bookers and other talents that they are alive and can be invited to other jobs. But sometimes they may want to hide their materials, why might that be?

  1. They don’t want others to spot them on a cheap event
  2. They might be too shy if the event is too special, e.g. topless show
  3. They don’t want other talents to see that they have taken this job

MDL Talent Hub is deeply concerned about these issues, since we are aiming to make a universal tool for talents and bookers which best fits for their interest and demands. Talents are generally individualistic people and we are aiming to build a customizable user interface, keeping in mind our philosophy of transparency. That is why we are going to juggle modern technologies (IPFS, CXO, blockchain) with traditional means of storing data to facilitate the industry in the most efficient way. We will come back to the anonymity issue from a technical perspective in the near future.