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Why the value of MDL Token will increase over time

Why the value of MDL Token will increase over time

For our early investors it is crucial to know why MDL tokens will increase in value over time. We have just realized that what was obvious to us is not that clear to the community. Here we briefly explain our plans about the usage of the Token and how we guarantee its growth for our crypto investors.

First of all, the value of the MDL token will increase from our expansion in the talent sourcing market, which is itself continually growing. The more people who use our platform, the more demand there will be for MDL tokens. Initially we are aiming on providing a product with real value which actually solves existing problems, so we strongly believe we can expand according to our marketing plan, which will creat further demand for MDL tokens leading to an upwards pressure on its price.

Secondly, when the market saturation is reached, we are going to implement more functionalities for MDL Tokens, such as a marketplace ecosystem, partnership programs with brands, and live streaming. When the functionality o fthe MDL Token increases, more people will want to have it.

Last, but not the least, possession of MDL Tokens will open up more functions on our platforms (“Gold Membership” features, etc.) This will be implemented via Token Hours (the longer you keep your MDL tokens, and the more tokens you have, the more Token hours you have). Thus, our platform participants will want to have more MDL Tokens in order to make better use of the MDL Talent Hub platform. The feature of Token Hours was adapted from Skyledger’s Coin Hours, and will be discussed further in the next article.

We are listening closely to the voices of our community and aim on bringing value both to our crypto investors and talents.