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Why MDL Token Hours Are So Cool?

Why MDL Token Hours Are So Cool?

MDL Talent Hub platform will be powered with MDL Token Hours (MDL TH). MDL TH will be used to support MDL Token value growth as well as to protect the platform from high MDL Token volatility. Below are 8 statements that describe MDL TH concept.

  1. The mechanism of MDL Token Hours has been adapted from Skycoin Coin Hours.
  2. The amount of MDL Tokens Hours received increases according to how many MDL Tokens are held. The tokens will accumulate over time.
  3. MDL Token Hours are accumulated at a constant pace.
  4. MDL Token Hours are derived from blocks in the MDL blockchain.
  5. MDL Token Hours are not tradable. This will increase both MDL Token value and the stability of MDL Token hours.
  6. Token Hours are burned through the purchase of extended functions on the platform.
  7. Functions bought with MDL Token Hours include both time limited and permanent functions.
  8. MDL Token Hours will be also burned through each transaction of MDL Tokens.

The list of functions that can be purchased by MDL TH as well as volatility issues will be covered later, be tuned!