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10 ways to improve the talent-booking industry

10 ways to improve the talent-booking industry

10 ways to improve the talent-booking industry

If you have read our other articles, you will have seen that there are a lot of problems in this industry. We do mention how MDL Talent Hub is going to fix them, but here are 10 ways how, and why MDL Talent Hub is worth your time!

  1. MDL Talent Hub is for everyone.

    By everyone we mean everyone! MDL Talent Hub aims to facilitate both the talents (Singers, Dancers, Actors, … ) and agents, but also the brands. We do this because if we want to create a better talent-booking environment, we need to involve everyone. By assigning a reputation profile to any talent, agent or brand that uses our platform, we can ensure long-term work relationships.

  2. MDL Talent Hub is going global!

    The problems we are trying to solve, are all over the world. There is no one-stop-solution yet and we want to be the company that provides that solution on a global scale. Why is this better? Because our foundations are laid on ethics, regulation and transparency, that is why we work with the blockchain. One big company is easier to regulate and check, than countless small ones. This is also the issue we are seeing right now with the millions of talent agencies all over the world, small and big. They aren’t regulated and can do what they want. The barrier of entry is so small that anyone can become an agent, which is exactly what causes most problems in the talent-booking industry.

  3. MDL Talent Hub is safe and trustworthy.

    We are working on the blockchain, what that means is that nothing is hidden. All the storage of data is done on devices of users instead of using centralized servers that are viable to attacks. We will also implement biometrics, certification data and offline-to-online verification methods to ensure everyone is who they say they are, don’t lie about being on time, act professionally and so on.

  4. Never miss a date with a global calendar.

    A flawless time management tool is essential for freelance talents as well as bookers. MDL has a nice idea of how to make one! All calendars will be linked to one database, so that bookers will be aware of talents schedules while talents will be aware of upcoming events. The calendar will be also linked to blockchain so that all events can be traced and confirmed.

  5. A professional comp card creator.

    Presentation is everything in this business, since the final client usually has time only for a glance through media materials. We will make it easier for talents to make as well as to update a nice professional comp card using our comp card creator, which will be available and free for everyone

  6. MDL Talent Hub will be fun to use!

    To ensure participation and reward active users, we will implement gamification. This means that there will be incentives on the platform for people who keep using it, stay active in the community, help others and participate to events or activities.

  7. MDL Talent Hub has an insurance system

    In order to ensure the safety of business relationships between bookers and talents, there is going to be an insurance system introduced on the MDL Talent Hub platform. It is going to be possible to purchase insurance with a discount if the business reputation of the person is good as well as if the purchase is made with MDL Token. This means that if in an event, you as a talent, fall sick and can’t show up to an event, the costs of your absence will be insured to relieve the financial stress of all parties involved. The other way around is also true, if a company fails to pay their talent for any reason other than their own, the talent will still be able to get compensation with the MDL Talent Hub insurance system.

  8. MDL Talent Hub has a prosumer ecosystem market place!

    Internal marketplace is enabled for talents to exchange, sell & buy, rent out their gear, equipment, costumes, and more. Fans that follow the rising stars can easily purchase memorabilia there as well.

  9. MDL Talent Hub will have an extremely smart search function.

    Spreading job info is resource intensive and it is hard to find decent talents. The current supply and demand is hidden, channels are not consolidated, bookers are not aware of the talents’ schedule, so it takes time to contact one another. The current solutions are outdated technologically and logically. We are making a change to that. With the help of big data, semantic AI and our reputation system, it will be easy to filter out talents up to their specific strengths and weaknesses from all over the world.

  10. MDL Talent Hub won’t stop at dancers, singers and actors.

    Everyone is included. Currently we are focusing on our biggest target audiences. This means that most of our targeting, collaborations and projects will involve those type of talents. This does not mean that we exclude other talents from participating on the platform! It is open for every type of talent but as our resources are limited we will focus on the biggest pools first and then branch out to other types of talents later.

Want to know more about our amazing ecosystem and how we are going to change the world? Find out all about it HERE