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What are those wallets you keep hearing about?

What are those wallets you keep hearing about?

What are those wallets you keep hearing about?

It’s quite simple really.

A blockchain wallet is a digital wallet that allows users to manage digital currencies. A blockchain Wallet is provided by a blockchain company


A wallet is similar to the one in your pocket, but it’s located on your computer. It stores digital currencies or tokens. Each company can have its own wallet. MDL Talent Hub has its own wallet which you need to receive MDL Tokens. MDL Tokens are the currency MDL Talent Hub uses for its services. It has an equivalent monetary value ex. 1000 MDL = $50

Find out how to buy, sell, receive and send MDL in the video below.


To follow up on the above |quote: MDL Talent Hub has its own currency, but instead of calling it a currency, we categorize it as a Token. It has the same functions however you can look at Tokens more in the sense of an “In game currency” but for companies!

When we take MDL Talent Hub for example, they have “MDL” (Tokens), which is the name of their Token. 1 MDL (Token) has a certain monetary value which may fluctuate determined by the market conditions at that time.

So if you own, for example, 1000 MDL Tokens, you have an equivalent value of $50 in your possession. These Tokens however, need to be stored somewhere, right? Right.

That’s where wallets come in! Imagine a wallet that didn’t sit in your pants’ pocket, but on your computer. This is exactly what the MDL Wallet is, a wallet for storing MDL Tokens on your computer! It allows you to buy and sell (send) Tokens to other people. It also allows you to see the current value of 1 MDL Token.

How do I use a wallet?

Let us take a look at an example of how someone can create a wallet, receive, buy or send Tokens (We will use MDL in this example) if you want to follow along, go to and download the wallet:

How to receive MDL Tokens?

As you can see, it is quite simple! If you want to join one of MDL Talent Hubs activities and want to receive MDL Tokens, all you need to do is download the wallet and create your own wallet. It only takes a few click to receive your personal wallet “Code” where people can send you MDL Tokens to!

How to join activities to receive Tokens?

You can join our Telegram (MDL_Talent_Hub), check our social media updates, check our Medium posts or apply for our influencer program if you are an active talent (Dancer, Actor, Singer, Musician, Blogger, …) by sending an email to [email protected]!