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MDL Talent Hub influencers & performers

MDL Talent Hub influencers & performers

Why you should join  MDL Talent Hub

MDL Talent Hub is platform that allows influencers and performers (Talents) from all ranges, beginners to professionals, to find gigs and connect with brands and agencies.

What makes MDL Talent Hub unique is its collaboration with brands and agencies and the fact that it allocates a reputation to everyone using the platform (talents, brands & agencies). This is to fight issues in the performers-booking industry such as sexual harassment, overdue payments, harming of brand-image, …

When everyone has to take care of their reputation by being ethical, we flush out the bad and reward the good! There is a huge demand for this in the entertainment industry and MDL Talent Hub is ready to take this on.

But there is much more to the MDL platform than only the booking-ecosystem.

MDL Talent Hub will also allow influencers and performers (Talents) to easily setup their own merch shops so they can sell merchandise to their fans but also buy discounted merchandise from the brands who use our platform.

This will enable brands to collaborate with many many micro-influencers by promoting their products at prices that are affordable for all beginning talents. This means that instead of going out and buying stuff at retail prices, they can save money by buying from the brands on our platform! The more followers you have, the cheaper the price of products sold by brands on MDL Talent Hub! This will promote the collaboration between the brands and influencers using MDL Talent Hub!

On top of that, MDL will also enable renting of equipment and gear between talents which will provide an additional income for talents using the MDL Talent Hub platform.

To keep everyones data and interests secure, MDL Talent Hub will store their data on the blockchain, has a 3 score reputation system and will implement an insurance system to cover potential losses of brands and talents during accidents or off-times.

Join the movement.

Of course, the platform wouldn’t be as amazing as the community and companies using it, so take this opportunity to join our pilot program and become one of our brand ambassadors, get exposure on our app, website, and be the first to connect with the agencies or brands that we collaborate with!

All you have to do, is right down below!

Instructions can be viewed  HERE