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The 4 P's MDL Talent Hub is solving.

The 4 P's MDL Talent Hub is solving.

The 4 P’s MDL Talent Hub is solving.

MDL Talent Hub is creating 3 ecosystems in 1 platform that will solve the problems of talent-bookers & agents, talents and brands.

The 4 main Problems MDL Talent Hub will address:

Talents all over the world are experiencing problems in the talent-booking industry. On the other hand, companies, especially small-mid-size companies, are experiencing lower ROI’s than they should have when working with influencers. There are many issues to be solved and we are taking them on. —Dimitri Doronin

So, which 4 problems are we talking about?

  1. Talents experience abuse, overdue payments, unreliable bookers/agents and are constantly looking for new “gigs” or performances that they can attend, to earn an extra penny to pay the bills. These problems of safety, reliability and job security are present amongst all the talents no matter if they are dancers, singers, actors, or models, anywhere in the world.
  2. Brands, agencies and bookers risk harming their brand image if the talents that attend their promo-event, live-performance, photoshoot, TV Commercial recording, etc. do not act professionally, arrive late, decide to breach their contact mid-way to ask for more money, etc. which are also problems that arrise very frequently in this industry due to the fast turnover in the demand for talents as each brand has different requirements and talents are often desired for very specific skills or looks which can change over time.
  3. Talents want an easy way to produce and sell merchandise to their fans. Currently it takes quite some work to set up a simple merchandise shop that allows talents to sell merchandise on top of their performance activities. It is time consuming and the logistics can be a nightmare.
  4. Brands, especially the countless small ones, are having problems with reaching audiences due to the high marketing/advertising entry barrier. Working with top-influencers is very expensive for them and usually this only results in a sudden spike in sales which nullifies after the collaboration is over. On the other hand, working with micro-influencers is much cheaper, but risky because there are millions to choose from and it is very hard to assess which micro-influencer has a healthy or unhealthy audience (Real followers vs. fake/bought followers). This creates the problem that it is hard to find reliable influencers to parnter with since it is either very costly and not very effective, or very risky and with an unreliable ROI forecast.

How MDL Talent Hub will solve these problems.

To address these problems, MDL Talent Hub is creating a platform with 3 ecosystems.

The First Ecosystem — Booking

The first Ecosystem, the booking-ecosystem, will take on problem number 1 and 2. Our reputation system which goes across all ecosystems, will help the booking ecosystem by flushing out agencies, brands and talents that act unethically by reducing their reputation scores if they do something wrong like (talent:) arriving late, acting unprofessionally, lying about their profile or (company:) not paying on time, harassing the talent, breaching the contract, etc. by implementing a search platform alongside our reputation module, we will allow brands to quickly find the talents they need, either locally or globally and they will also know whether or not these talents are trustworthy or not.

Talents on the other hand, will easily know whether or not they want to accept a job from a brand or agency or not by their reputation score. This will provide them safety and security in their full-or-part-time career as a talent. We are also implementing a ton of features that will make the lives of talents and agencies easier. We have listened to a lot of the complaints both sides had about the current state of things and will implement solutions to these issues in our booker-ecosystem.

The Second Ecosystem — Marketplace

The second ecosystem, will take on problem 3 and 4. We are creating a marketplace where talents can easily set up a shop and create branded merchandise with the click of a button. We take care of their logistics and in that sense benefit from the economies of scale since this will enable lots of talents to send lots products to all their fans.

On the other side, our marketplace will also allow the rent and sale of gear and equipment from one talent to the other. The reputation module, again, will be used as a regulator to ensure everyone uses the platform and its functions ethically. Cheating will be punished and repetition will be prevented.

Brands on the other hand, will be able to connect with micro-influencers on our marketplace. This will again, be made much more reliable, easy and cheaper because we provide a reputation system that will let them know that their collaboration agreement will be met and they do not need to worry about failure of completion.

What’s more is that we will provide a system that will allow brands to define specific prices for influencers who wish to purchase their products. Meaning that f.e. brand A will be able to set their store prices at a 60% markdown, if a talent with 1000 followers wants to buy something from their store, and a 50% markdown if that talent has 9000 followers, this makes it very affordable for beginning talents to buy their products while opening up a potential audience of 1000 people who will see the brands’ products without having to spend any money or effort on collaborating with talents.

The Third Ecosystem — Insurance

The third ecosystem, the insurance ecosystem, will address problems regarding the loss of income for both the talent, brand or agency when one of the parties failes to complete its agreement. We will implement an insurance system that will cover both talents and companies to ensure that their financial losses when cancelation, unexpected events, etc. arrise during their insured period. Our sources of revenue will come from paid memberships, advertising, transaction fees, brand partnership programs, marketplace upsales, livestreaming and insurances.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

MDL Talent Hub has partners and agencies from all over the world who are ready to jump to action when our platform will soft-launch at the end of 2018. Until that time we are focussing on increasing our community of early adopters and brand ambassadors all across the world. You can read more about joining our community and potentially become a brand ambassador by checking out our other article HERE

Join the movement.

— MDL Talent Hub