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The MDL Talent Hub at TNW conference

The MDL Talent Hub at TNW conference

MDL Talent Hub is at The Next Web.

MDL team understands that world is changing and the technology is no longer an industry, its a underlying driver that changes and lead innovation on every single business around the globe.

The TNW Conference was a must have, and our Team was present, in Amsterdam 2018.

This Year, TNW has put together a ecosystem of technology agents driving business innovation. Itś 2018 and we have been attending more than 19 tracks and engaged on deeper conversations on how technologies such as Blockchain and AI will directly affect the Entertainment Industry, professions and the way they work and how we can innovate this for the better.

How was the conference

TNW Conference comes to an end, at least for us, we’re already looking back at the highlights of the festival. We have been networking and mingled with several people to their heart’s content, and we watched some amazing speakers on stage.

MDL Team share their favorite moments from TNW Conference 2018

Thomas Modeneis - [MDL] Blockchain Chief Architect: “One of the highlights of the conference for us was the exhibition hall. It was really good to see what people are coming up with. For us is very important to get the big picture of the future of tech, and that’s where we found it. We really enjoyed Alix Rübsaam’s talk on artificial intelligence, and we have seen many points where MDL can engage and establish itself as major AI player in the next years to come.”

Ivens F. V. Signorini - [MDL] Blockchain & Golang Developer: “I liked the Machine Learning track from the CMO of Huawei - Andrew Garrihy’s talk. He was really straight to the point and his points where really organized, so he really grabbed our attention. It was a genuinely interesting talk. After the talk, we shared our experiences with others and everyone agreed that he really added to the Machine Learners track.”

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MDL Talent Hub has partners and agencies from all over the world who are ready to jump to action when our platform will soft-launch at the end of 2018. Until that time we are focussing on increasing our community of early adopters and brand ambassadors all across the world. You can read more about joining our community and potentially become a brand ambassador by checking out our other article HERE

Join the movement.

— MDL Talent Hub