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MDL Token Distribution Announcement

MDL Token Distribution Announcement

MDL Token Distribution Announcement

MDL Bounty and token distribution is complete.

This article will quickly recap what is going on and how you can check whether or not you received your tokens and what to do if you are still holding on to pre-MDL Tokens (Waves)!

In the past week

We have been hard at work getting the tokens and bounty distributed to everyone who has supported us thus far and who has been waiting for their fair share of tokens.

Checking your MDL token amount

You can check your MDL by going to your dedicated MDL wallet. If you have not yet downloaded the wallet, you will not be able to receive your tokens due to the fact that you need a wallet address to which we can send you tokens to. Find out how to install and use your wallet HERE

Still holding on to MDL.LIFE (Pre-MDL)?

You can easily swap those by downloading the MDL Wallet by pressing “Get MDL” HERE This will allow you to accumulate Token Hours!

All you need to do then, is create an MDL wallet like explained in this video and transfer over your Waves MDL to your MDL Wallet.

The tokens, pre-MDL are available on Waves Decentlized Exchanged in the new version of the Waves Client.

It is important to hold off from this asset as you might fall victim to scams if you don’t.

Future MDL Token Activities

Future token activities will include competitions which will be held on our Telegram community and include competitions such as the #WeAreMDL but also sharing of our posts in return for MDL Tokens, as well as helping us translate, write articles and much more!

We are also in the process of creating a Facebook group to engage on a more social level with all the people who are into the entertainment industry rather than the crypto community, however everyone is welcome to join! More on that in a later time thought.

That’s it for our quick recap and news update and as always:

Join the movement.

— MDL Talent Hub