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MDL Attending RISECONF 2018 HK

MDL Attending RISECONF 2018 HK

It is that time of the year again, no it’s not in Silicon Valley, it is however, in China, Hong Kong! RISE Conference for those who don’t know, is on it’s 4th installment and is the biggest gathering of start-ups, entrepreneurs, investors, established tech brands, and tech thought-leaders in Asia.

It is for that exact reason, that we felt it extremely appropriate to showcase MDL Talent Hub and have a booth during the event. Besides spreading the word and showcasing our MVP, MDL Talent Hub will focus on making connections in the right places, with media, investors and collaboration opportunities in mind.

MDL Talent Hub is in its launching blocks to test out their MVP version of the huge MDL Talent Hub Ecosystem. This ecosystem will consist of an app that will allow talent bookers, agencies and brands, to better collaborate with talents and KOL’s.

Gone are the days where collaborations in KOL-&-talent-booking industry were a risky endeavor. The MDL Talent Hub Ecosystem will make use of a reputation system that will touch on almost every aspect in the KOL-&-Talent Booking industry. This is done to ensure that parties from both sides, talent & KOL but also the agency, booker and brand side, are protected from foul play, financial risks, sudden cancelations contract breaches, sexual harassments and other issues that are harming this industry.

With the upcoming MVP launch, CEO Dimitry Doronin said, “We have seen many talent-booking-management solutions in the market, but none are as focused on the users from both the demand and supply side as the MDL Talent Hub Ecosystem. There is a huge demand for organization and global standards in the KOL-&-booking industry. Having worked in the talent-booking scene myself, I know this first-hand. MDL, together with its community and partners, is ready to bring solutions to the many who need it. Our platform will save time, remove trust barriers and promote collaborations.”

To fully implement the platform worldwide in the coming years, MDL Talent Hub is planning the following strategy:

  1. Focusing on testing and perfecting the technology of the functions and its relation to the blockchain, by launching the first iteration with MDL partners and networks in China first.

  2. Expanding in Asia through partners & ambassadors in Korea, Japan, Singapore to adapt the trial and tested system outside of China.

  3. Continuing the growth and availability to high demand markets such as India, The United States, Europe and eventually the rest of the world.

About MDL Talent Hub: MDL is a blockchain based KOL-&-Talent Booking Ecosystem situated in Shanghai, China. Founded in 2017, MDL Talent Hub is on a fast track to launch the most complete timesaving KOL-&-talent booking collaboration platform in the world.

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— MDL Talent Hub