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We all have a story to tell.

Being an artist, a model, or a dancer is getting more and more arduous nowadays. Talents are often misused, cheated, or simply treated poorly. Moreover, there is always a strict competition in the market. This, combined with the problems of business transparency and efficiency makes the talent and talent booking market more challenging than ever.

MDL Talent Hub was created to solve all these issues, connect talents, bookers, agencies, and brands and make a breakthrough in the talent sourcing industry.

To facilitate relationships in the triangle of talents, bookers, and clients, we need to share the experience and obstacles that each has to go through on the path to success. That’s why we should all share our story.

We are excited to launch our new campaign “#ThisIsMe” to give all talents a chance to tell their own emotional life story and share their experience of ups and downs.

Here’s what you need to do

  1. Put your words on paper (Word, Google Doc, …) (English, Russian, Chinese, any language really!) and tell us a story about a time during a gig where you did something embarrassing, you overcame a challenge, made a mistake, learned a good lesson or had the luckiest day ever. We all have some ups and downs as talents, tell us about yours. (Aim for about 100 words)

  2. Include a short introduction of yourself along with your picture and add it to the word or google doc so that we can introduce you to our global MDL community.

  3. Within 10 days after the beginning of the campaign submit the google or word doc here: Dropbox Submission

Here’s what is in it for you!

  1. Global exposure on all MDL SM channels

  2. MDL Talent Hub will feature your story in a weekly “Talent Story” roundup in our app

  3. We will publish your stories in one of our Medium articles

  4. We will share you and your profile on our social medias

  5. MDL tokens: 1000 For participating — This is to get you started and enjoy some of the features MDL Talent Hub has to offer. A great way to boost your profile on MDL Talent Hub!

  6. Once a month we will randomly pick a winner who will receive 10.000 MDL Tokens and a $100 Amazon gift card. Treat yourself on some new gear!

We all have a story to tell. Share yours, be an inspiration to others and join the movement!

Join the movement.

— MDL Talent Hub