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About our YOYOW partnership

About our YOYOW partnership

About our YOYOW partnership

In January 2018 MDL Talent Hub and YOYOW have concluded a strategic partnership agreement. The idea behind it is to integrate the MDL platform into YOYOWs ecosystem. What does this mean?

First of all, let’s quickly go over YOYOW’s mission. The guys at YOYOW are basically bringing instruments for fair distribution of value creation in social media networks. In traditional social media users never receive any material rewards for the content they create, which is absolutely unfair! Big corporations are using labor of prosumers (consumer + producer) to make money and they never share income with the actual producers of that value.

YOYOW is developing an infrastructure for social networks to monetize user generated content. How does it work? If you are a good photographer or a writer and you receive appreciation from your followers in terms of likes and comments, which means they encourage other people to use the platform you are posting your content on, you receive material rewards from the platform for your effort!

MDL Talent Hub will unite all professionals from the entertainment industry under one umbrella, these are the people who made high quality content creation their main focus. This made teaming up with YOYOW a natural response from MDL Talent Hub.

As the first step in the nearest future MDL Talent Hub is going to implement YOYOW’s rewarding system in its “Today” section where users share their professional life stories, industry news, and insightful know-how.

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