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Did you know that today marks “National Talk in an Elevator Day”? Yes, you read it right. And we bet you had no idea that there is such day. It takes place on the last Friday of July every year, carrying the premise to encourage people to break the silence and make the conversation with a stranger while riding in an elevator.

We all know and experienced that awkward silence during a routinely quiet vertical commute. But why not to change your traditions and strike up the conversation? Maybe you will make a new friend, meet your half, brighten someone’s day or even life? Who knows?

Don’t know how to start the conversation?

Well, it’s Friday. Bring some excitement to the last working day of the week, use this topic as a starter. We are 100% confident that most of your co-workers’ minds have already dived into the weekend.

You can also spout off some interesting facts about elevators. Tell your fellow rider that:

The first elevator had its first ride back to 236BC and was powered by hands or trained animals.

According to statistics, elevators are the safest means of transportation and 20 times safer than escalators.

If you are afraid of elevators, you can breathe in peace now because every elevator is supported by multiple cables with each being able to safely carry the entire elevator along with its passengers.

In fact, the close-door button doesn’t make the door close faster as it has been obsolete since the passage of the Americans With Disabilities Act in 1990.

Too boring, huh?

You can also get a bit crazy and play some jokes with your elevator-buddies. Say “Ding” on each floor, for example. Or make race car noises each time someone gets on and off. Have fun!

All in all, exploit this day. Strike up a conversation and see where it will bring you.

To cheer you up, we will run #TalkInAnElevatorDay campaign until the end of next week. Share with us in comments below your funniest/weirdest talks or meetups you had in the elevator. All valid stories will be rewarded with 100 MDL Tokens.

But here’s the most exciting part! By the end of next week, we will pick up a winner and shoot a video about his story. The champion will receive 1 000 MDL Tokens.

So, let’s get the fun started! Get to know your elevator-mates. And enjoy this Friday!

P.s. Hope you won’t get stuck in the elevator today with someone who has claustrophobia. Alex, one of our team members, did once. Well, was quite fun though, but not for the guy with that “I’m gonna die here” fear.

The most interesting or fun story will be rewarded!

This is also a great day to learn more about improving your elevator pitch, which is extremely important if you want to make new connections to further progress your caree! As a bonus, we’ve added an article about how you can improve your elevator pitch! Article

Join the movement.

— MDL Talent Hub