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The MDL Talent Hub is Celebrating Golang 9 Years.

The MDL Talent Hub is Celebrating Golang 9 Years.

MDL Talent Hub is Celebrating Golang 9 years old.

Today marks the ninth anniversary of the day that Golang went open-sourced. We would like to take time to cheer and praise this amazing language that has provided so much to our community.

The past 12 months have been a breakout year for the MDL developers, our AMAZING community, and so for the Go language and community.

Why are we celebrating ?

MDL Talent hub has a secret sauce, on the core of our Blockchain is a very important piece, Its Called Go Programming Language.

Not only that, but ALL, I’m saying ALL our backend services are powered with Golang.

We have built most of our software based on Golang, so today is a very special day for us. The past 12 months have been a breakout year for the MDL community, and Golang is part of it.

MDL Blockchain

Why use Golang to build MDL ?

We have built the MDL Blockchain with Golang, and because of it we are able to develop the best Blockchain out there, with a very effective and developer friendly language.

Golang is very powerful to handle concurrency like Java, C and C++ while keeping concurrency execution code strait and beautiful like Erlang. Golang takes good of both the worlds. Easy to write concurrent and efficient to manage concurrency

Go Community

Are you a Golang Developer ?

Are you a Blockchain or Golang developer ? We welcome you to try our codebase, check it our and be part of our team. At MDL we value your contribution, it can be a typo or a small fix. Your contribution does not need to be big. We appreciate the help or accomplishment, and we value each contribution very much.

If you have never contributed to an open source project before? Its the perfect chance to get started.

Yes, it’s scary. But its very rewarding!

Our open-source code:

Official link for the Golang 9 Years celebration:

Join the movement, Join MDL Talent Hub!