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MDL Talent Hub Global New Year 2019 Chess Tournament

MDL Talent Hub Global New Year 2019 Chess Tournament

MDL Talent Hub Global New Year 2019 Chess Tournament #1

Upset about crypto prices or global instabilities? MDL Talent Hub invites you to forget your worries by competing in our chess tournament next month!

This year the MDL Global Chess Tournament is celebrating all of the world’s New Year’s starting in early January and ending just after the lunar Year of the Pig arrives. We’ll be sending the official dates and instructions for setting up games as soon as enough players join, so sign up among the first 20 to make sure you get into the tournament.

Prizes for the champions will of course be MDL tokens! We’ve allocated a total of 155,000 MDL in prizes for the top 10 players and will be adding an extra 1550 MDL into the pool for everyone who joins. That means if the maximum 100 people join, we’ll be giving about $6200* USD worth of MDL to the top player, and plenty more to others. Here is how that situation would look:

place % prize
1st 40% of reward 124,000 MDL 6,200$*
2nd 20% of reward 62,000 MDL 3,100$*
3rd 10% of reward 31,000 MDL 1,550$*
4th 5% of reward 15,500 MDL 775$*
5th 3% of reward 9,300 MDL 465$*
6th 2% of reward 6,200 MDL 310$*
7th 1% of reward 3,100 MDL 155$*
1% of reward 3,100 MDL 155$*
10th 1% of reward 3,100 MDL 155$*

There is also a prize of 8% each for the two players who win Most Interesting Match, decided with input from the community. We hope you’ll take some inspiration from AlphaZero and its new mind-boggling style of play to try out an unusual opening or take more chances.

If you haven’t tried lichess, download the app or go to to set up an account so you can record your matches.

Since the Global New Year Chess Tournament starts as soon as we have enough players, be sure to sign up early, and look out for our official announcement in Telegram. Once it starts the competition will continue until the final is played on the third day of the Chinese New Year, this February 8th. Make sure you have a Lichess account, fill the form and join our MDL Games community on Telegram!

*This estimate is based on current MDL token prices. The actual value in US dollars will be determined by the free market exchange of MDL at the time.