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MDL Android Wallet Beta Release

MDL Android Wallet Beta Release

MDL Android Wallet Beta Released and Localized!

10 years ago today the genesis block for the Bitcoin blockchain was generated.

That makes today a great day to announce the MDL Android wallet’s official release for open Beta testing on Google Play.

Just a month and a half ago we released our internal Android wallet in alpha channel, and where there were (minor) glitches before, now there are no more. Many thanks everybody who took part in internal testing to help fix hundreds of small bugs and make the many recommendations that were applied. We’re still looking to make more improvements in the future.

The Beta release includes:

  • Localized app versions: Chinese (both Traditional and Simplified), Spanish (both Castellano and US), Chinese, Russian, German

  • Multiple UI enhancements

  • Scanning that is compatible with Skycoin’s mobile wallets (QR-code scanner Skycoin wallet support)

  • Payment enhancement: The QR code can now be set to receive a specific amount (This feature still isn’t yet available in other fiber mobile wallets and is very helpful.)

  • Explorer integration for TXID/Addresses

  • MDL Theme UX (added for all Dialogs)

As well as all this, more improvements and features are in planning, so become an open Beta tester today.


0) Install the wallet from Google Play:

1) First allow MDL to access your camera so the QR code reader can do its job and scan QR codes.

Permission to use camera

(These first two are German)

2) Then allow to access your storage space so that the Wallet keys can be generated on your phone.

Permission to use storage

3) Read the disclaimer and accept after reading carefully.


(This one’s in the English version)

4) Set a PIN for your wallet.


(Spanish edition!)

5) Confirm the PIN so you are sure about it.

Confirm PIN

(English again…)

6) Create your MDL wallet. If you have one already, import it using your seed.

Create Import

(Dutch for Create and Chinese for Import)

7) Wait while the encryption keys are generated.


(English again)

8) Start using your wallet!

Hit send to send some funds, or use the QR code reader to pay someone with your MDL.


If you’re wondering what’s ahead or if you’re an iOS user, look out for the iPhone version of the wallet (now in active development). Android folk can follow the link below and let us know what you think!