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MDL New Year 2019 Chess opens today

MDL New Year 2019 Chess opens today

MDL New Year 2019 Chess opens today

The MDL Global Chess Tournament officially starts now!

All the action and details on progress will be available in our telegram group.

Since the level of our participants varies quite a lot, we decided to divide the players into two groups – pro and beginner. Basically, if you dare to say you’re a pro, you will need to be prepared to fight for the top 4 places in the group; the top 4 pros will face the top 4 beginners in the finals to fight for places 1-8. 5th place from the pro group will play against 5th place from the beginner group to win 9th place in the tournament, 6th place from the pro group will play 6th from the beginner group for 10th in the tournament. Everyone else will finish as a participant. It sounds complicated, but basically you just need to bring your best and be ready for challengers below you, as well as above.

Here are the guidelines for the tournament:

Each time you play an opponent, you will only have one chance to win in one game; however, if your opponent wants to have a rematch and you think the game is worth it, you can agree and compete for best of 3 games. (Do this right away using the rematch option on Lichess.) There are no draws in the tournament, so you need to play to win at least one game, and 23 games if you agree to a second game. We definitely encourage people to do this whenever there is good competition on both sides, and it will give you a better chance of winning the prize for Most Exciting Game!

Keep in mind that you will need to send the links to your games to the Telegram group so everyone can see the results.

The top prize is 73,160 MDL, and there is plenty for everyone who finishes after. Mostly we are here to compete and have fun and find out who has talent for this game we can all play anywhere.

May the best talents win!