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MDL New Year 2019 Chess Championship | The Winner Is

MDL New Year 2019 Chess Championship | The Winner Is

It’s tough to get people from around the world together for one competition, but that’s what we did for the MDL New Year Chess tournament. The final games have now been played and our winners are in! Check out the final rankings and prizes below!

MDL Chess Places 1-8 The history of the games played during the championship is available HERE

Many thanks to all who made time in their schedules to connect with each other across time zones, and congratulations to our winners!

The winners are MDL prizes are distributed today.

It’s not exactly over for this competition, though. We’re preparing a list of interesting games, which the community will vote on for Most Exciting Game in our official Telegram group. Those who win the vote will receive 14,756 MDL each.

Join our group on Telegram to vote and be the first to know:

Look forward to more competitions to come, when you’ll be able to show your talent and get involved with the MDL community.