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MDL Talent Hub - Development update 2019 (part II)

MDL Talent Hub - Development update 2019 (part II)

In part one of our extended update for 2019 a few weeks ago we announced that we were starting migration to Desktop Wallet v0.25, along with other developments for the first part of the year. This time we are happy to bring news that migration is complete and v0.25 has launched, with new fixes and features that make trading MDL a better way to pay and be paid for any talent.

Desktop wallet

In terms of Desktop Wallet UI improvements, you’ll now be able to filter transactions in your History tab based on the wallets used for the transaction and also when you made the transaction. The URI specification has been extended to support plain addresses without an mdl: prefix, and the libmdl source code has been removed thanks based on migration to On the technical front, the desktop wallet now has the CLI addressTransactions command, as well as /api/v2/wallet/seed/verify to verify if a seed is a valid bip39 mnemonic seed, and much much more.

There is really a lot to read about technical updates. For the full detailed list you can check CHANGELOG

Mobile Wallet

Mobile Wallet is improving quickly – the Google Play Wallet Beta has been released with localization updates for Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Dutch (NL), Spanish (Castellano and US), Russian, German, and soon-to-be-released Japanese.

Pin protection Dashboard Explorer

Mobile Wallet now supports Skycoin wallet’s QR-code scanner, and lets you set an amount in MDL to receive to your own wallet via QR code.

Explorer integration has been added for TXID and Addresses, and the UI now shows the MDL Theme for all Dialogues.

Blockchain Explorer

The web explorer is getting a brand new update and will be ready to show detailed info on Talent Hours for all transactions, figuratively putting the “TH” in MDL TH. (This was previously known as Token Hours). There’s also much more, to be announced soon.

Mobile Platform apps

The Mobile MDL Talent Hub platform app is now being translated into Flutter, which will give both Android and iOS users a native experience. (More on this soon in an article of its own.)

Web Portal

Lastly, the web portal is getting more features ready. check out the full list of app portals and functions that are making the user experience smoother and more solid all around:

  • Gig feedback

Talent Booker
  • Translations

    • Chinese traditional,
    • Spanish,
    • Portuguese,
    • Russian,
    • Arabic,
    • German,
    • Indonesian,
    • Japanese,
    • Korean,
    • Croatian
  • Payment management for bookers

  • Payment management for talents - request for payment

  • Payment management for talents - filling your hours

  • Payment management for talents - manage all payment requests

  • Calendar - all your events on the same screen, super easy to find your next gig!

  • Onboarding (Complete for Models and Bookers)

  • Messenger

  • Gig creation for Bookers

More dev updates are coming soon, Progressive WebApp and Service Workers, SMS login / signup implementation, and much much more!

MDL Talent Hub Management Team.

<3 SKY