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MDL Development update - July

MDL Development update - July

MDL Android Wallet version 0.3.5 Released

New version (0.3.5) of MDL Android Wallet just hit Google Play and available for everybody.

Several security improvements and bug fixes incorporated.

Download MDL now and be part of our growing community, HERE IS HOW:

1) Install the wallet from Google Play:

2) Send tokens:

  • On this new release, the sending view shows USD price in Send screen as well as in each wallet details page.
  • Talent hours are also displayed there per wallet.

View how much it worth what you are sending

3) View how much you have on your wallet:

View how much MDL and USD you are currently holding

MDL Added into

We are proud to announce that MDL Token has become part of the #crypto elite of Crypto-Potential.

Badges are unique awards for each achievement the project has made. Blockchain project must meet certain requirements and pass the quality control to be eligible for a specific badge. Badges are awarded to a project which are then shown on their profile publicly and are used to provide token mining rewards.

Our project have been added with ALL 4 badges.

  • Competition verified
  • Token compliant with regulations
  • MVP released
  • Influential

#cryptobadges #credibility #privatesale #ico #cryptocurrency


In the meantime, we’re all headed back to work. Thank you for your support and trust!

MDL Talent Hub Management Team.

<3 SKY