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MDL Talent Hub 2020 Revival

MDL Talent Hub 2020 Revival

Hello all new friends and our dear community members, here are the latest updates of our project. We all know it has been a difficult time for everyone, but we have still been working very hard to keep, maintain and develop everything we have achieved so far. It is time for announcing and showing some of our latest work. Please keep up.

MDL Talent Hub has always been and continue going mobile:

_ _ _

MDL Android Wallet v0.4.4

First off, you’ll see a new Settings page in the app. MDL token exchange rate now is displayed both in crypto and fiat currencies. You can choose between various fiat currencies like USD, EUR, CNY, HKD and many others, in the Settings. In addition to Bitcoin, crypto price can also be shown in ETH. Balances are cached, shown offline. Offline indicator will be shown, if you device has network issues.

_ _

Huge news, is that now in the Settings page, you can enable Skycoin support!

Receiving via QR on main page now opens much faster. We now added French UI, while we already had Dutch, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Japanese.

You can purchase some MDL tokens straight from the wallet with Get MDL feature. Currently Skycoin and Ethereum are enabled to buy with. Check the price carefully, because often good deal tokens are available at exchange, not in large volumes though, where MDL has been traded for more than a year now. Android MDL Wallet supports custom MDL urls. Supports the brand new MDL Chess app, and other upcoming apps.

MDL Chess App

MDL Talent Hub was the first ever blockchain project, who organized blockchain powered international online Chess Championship. Now we want to take a step up and put friendly and rated chess games on blockchains as well. We have started building MDL Chess app in Flutter and are welcoming those who interested to participate in development and testing. It’s now already available on Google Play in Alpha channel(you need to conctact our devs to get access), and soon will move on to the Beta stage.

_ _

MDL Telegram Tipbot

If you closely followed our project, you probably noticed some tips being sent in our multiple Telegram groups. The bot was never properly announced, while it was in test mode. It’s stable and we welcome you to try it out. Join our Official Telegram group and send a tip to the amazing developer who made it happen: @ingwa

_ _ _

MDL Txn bot

Our supporters, investors and community members are now probably well aware of our Web explorer. Now you can follow all MDL transactions happening on the network via Telegram bot as well. Follow @mdltxnbot

_ _ _

Say thanks and maybe tip the awesome @BigOokie, who developed it.

MDL[.]live relocates to

The platform is online and is in development. We had to move domain names, and CX seemed like a very nice destination: Sign up at If you know React, golang, curious about ipfs, blockchain and crypto, and what MDL Talent Hub is trying to achieve globally, write us a line. We want you in our team.

Play DEXgames with MDL Tokens

MDL tokens are now integrated in platform, our partners. Enjoy.

MDL Desktop Wallet 0.27

It’s almost ready and will support Skycoin Hardware wallet, along other cool improvements in the wallet UI. We’re finalising some details and fixing tests before we can publish it to the audience. After the release, we recommend everybody updating as soon as possible.