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MDL Desktop Wallet v0.27.1 Release

MDL Desktop Wallet v0.27.1 Release

We are happy to announce some important updates this week, including new versions of our desktop wallet and key improvements on the UX/UI front. This version of wallet supports Skycoin’s hardware wallet. Also includes all the features of Skycoin’s version 0.27.

The wallet has been updated from 0.26.1 -> 0.27.1, including changes and improvements in step with Skycoin wallet developments. Among the multiple updates are:


  • Updated electron from version 2 to version 10, with many security fixes
  • Add createRawTransactionV2 CLI command, which calls the API of /wallet/transaction to create the transaction and can create then unsigned transaction. Once the API’s performance issue has been fixed, we will replace the createRawTransaction with it.
  • Add signTransaction CLI command to sign transaction.
  • Do windows electron builds by travis and abandon the appveyor
  • Migrate to
  • Use transaction history when scanning wallet addresses, instead of the current address balance
  • Document the daemon’s CLI options
  • Add the ability to save transaction notes
  • Add CLI encodeJsonTransaction command to retrieve raw transaction given its JSON representation
  • Add package bip44, implementing the bip44 spec
  • Codesign daemon and standalone binaries
  • Add a guided method for entering the seeds in the GUI
  • Add new wallet type collection for wallets that are an arbitrary collection of private keys, rather than generated from a seed
  • Add new wallet type bip44 for hierarchical deterministic (HD) wallets obeying the bip44 protocol. The Skycoin bip44 coin number is 8000. Nice round number. How can we add MDL there as well? bip44 wallets avoid address reuse, generating a new change address for each transaction. Affects APIs are POST /api/v1/wallet, GET /api/v1/wallets, GET /api/v1/wallet, POST /api/v1/wallet/seed and POST /api/v1/wallet/recover. Refer to the API documentation for API changes. bip44 wallets support bip39 “seed passphrases”. More details are explained in
  • cli walletCreate support for bip44 wallets added
  • Add bip44_coin field to GET /api/v1/health fiber params
  • Add the “bulk send” option to the GUI advanced form
  • Add cli walletKeyExport command to export xpub, xprv, pub and prv key from a bip44 wallet
  • Add xpub type wallet, which can generate addresses without exposing private keys
  • Add block_publisher flag to /api/v1/health
  • Add no_broadcast option to POST /api/v1/injectTransaction to disable broadcast of the transaction. The transaction will only be added to the local pool.
  • Add cli distributeGenesis command to split the genesis block into distribution addresses when setting up a new fiber coin


  • Price loading is displayed correctly now
  • #7, #162, corrupted file in ~/.mdl/data/ dir makes the desktop wallet show ERROR #1.
  • #87, can not run web gui from MDL docker image.
  • #2287 A Content-Type with a charset specified, for example application/json; charset=utf-8, will not return an HTTP 415 error anymore
  • Fix fiber.toml transaction verification parameters ignored by newcoin
  • #2373 Fix and clean-up further panics with various mdl-cli commands (lastBlocks, checkdb) which were not correctly handling arguments.
  • #2442 Reset the “trusted” flag to false for all peers on load, before registering default hardcoded peers in the peerlist
  • #26 Add additional database corruption checks in ResetCorruptDB to detect encoder ErrBufferUnderflow and ErrMaxLenExceeded


  • type is now a required parameter for POST /api/v1/wallet. type can be deterministic, bip44 or xpub.
  • Add display_name, ticker, coin_hours_display_name, coin_hours_display_name_singular, coin_hours_ticker, explorer_url to the /health endpoint response
  • cli addPrivateKey will only work on a collection type wallet. Create one with cli walletCreate -t collection
  • Don’t print the wallet in the terminal after cli encryptWallet or cli decryptWallet
  • Remove WALLET_DIR and WALLET_NAME envvars from the cli tool. Commands which need to operate on a wallet file accept the wallet file on the command line instead.
  • Now the modal window for showing QR codes in the GUI allows to request specific amounts of coins, as in mobile wallets. This changes did no include the ability to read QR codes or URLs.


  • Remove -arbitrating option from the daemon CLI options
  • Remove -print-web-interface-address option from the daemon CLI options
  • Remove cli walletDir command

Download page

  • cli: CLI utility for communicating with the daemon and various offline operations (
  • daemon: For running as a daemon on a server
  • gui-standalone: For running from the command line as a desktop client that opens in your browser
  • gui-electron: For running as a desktop client that opens in its own application


win: Windows (32-bit or 64-bit)
win-x64: 64-bit Windows
win-x86: 32-bit Windows
linux-arm: ARM Linux (e.g. RaspberryPi)
linux-x64: 64-bit Linux
osx: 64-bit OS X / macOS
osx-darwn-x64: 64-bit OS X / macOS

Remember, we also have Android wallet: