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MDL Launch in Africa

MDL Launch in Africa

MDL Talent Hub is the ecosystem designed to facilitate the talent sourcing market. Insightful expertise in both IT technologies and the entertainment industry allows us to bring the most efficient and effective medium for collaboration between Artistse, Booker’s and Brand. In welcoming MDL to Africa as stated in white Paper and that matter Accra, Ghana precisely to launch one of the biggest events of our time.


Is to introduce MDL to the African talent industry , also to show how to create MDL wallet and share coins to the guest and as well as the Artistes at the launch.



  • Arrival of Guests and Celebraties (Red-carpet)6:30PM

  • MC’s welcome everyone to the program 6:50PM-7:00PM

  • Spoken word (Poetry) 7:00PM-7:10PM

  • Cultural Troupe 7:10-7:20PM

  • Intro of Guests(Celebrities) 7:20PM-7:30PM *Opening Address (Chairperson) 7:30PM-7:40PM

  • Musical Interludes 7:40-7:50PM

  • MDL Talent Hub Ambassador in Africa/Ghana and Media consultant (Osaberima)to demonstrate how the platform works and how to create MDL Wallet. 7:50PM-8:00PM

  • Launching of MDL in Ghana by (Chairperson/Celebrities/Guests) 8:00PM-8:10PM

  • Premirere MDL Videos 8:10PM-8:50PM

  • Spoken word (Poetry) 8:50PM-8:55PM

  • Message from Producer (Henry) 8:55PM-8:58PM

  • Closing Prayer by Rev. Juliet L. BOTCHWAY. 8:58PM-9:00PM

Refreshment and Departure……..

  • Date: Sat. 26th June, 2021
  • Time: Red-carpet 6:30PM
  • Venue: The Gold Coast.

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